Women in Healthtech

It’s essential to acknowledge the unique challenges and contributions of women in this sector.

The DHF Women in HealthTech stream was created to shine a light on the trailblazing women currently making contributions in these fields.

It also provides a platform for discussion into pertinent topics such as gender diversity, leadership and empowerment within the digital health sector.

Why does it matter?

17% of individuals located in Europe that work in STEM roles are female
Women are underrepresented in AI and the tech industry,
making up for only 26% of data and AI positions
“Meet the women making their mark in AI” – open.edu.au

Women in Tech Leadership

HolonIQ’s Health Intelligence Unit identified the top 1000 Health Tech Startups from around the world. In 2022, of these 1000 startups, 130 were led by women

“Global Health Tech 1000” – holoniq.com

According to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast, women made up 28% of tech leadership roles

“Global leadership forecast 2023” – ddiworld.com

In 2020, the amount of funding that went to women led startups fell to 2.3%

“Women-Led Startups Received Just 2.3% of VC Funding in 2020” – Harvard Business Review

By dedicating specific sessions to women in digital health, DHF will facilitate discussions, share insights, and showcase success stories, ultimately fostering a more equitable and supportive ecosystem for women professionals and entrepreneurs in this sector.

Where it's at

You can expect to find Women in HealthTech on Day 1 at the Spark Stage

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