Forward-thinking organisations are at the forefront of what is genuinely a revolution in the workplace.

Corporates are turning to turnkey health and wellness technologies to increase productivity and employee engagement.

Today, a workforce that is remote, hybrid and working-from-home raises a unique set of challenges in maintaining mental and physical health, fitness and wellbeing.

Introducing Well@Work by DHF. We are putting the spotlight on the digital technologies delivering real impact to employee wellbeing, and business operations.
It’s all going down at DHF. See health and wellness solutions in a dynamic and disruptive environment like never before.
We're making a splash in Health & Wellness ...

DHF has acquired Workplace Wellness Festival!

Why Workplace Wellness?

Because when people are thriving at work, they are:

Nearly 6 times more likely to feel engaged

45% more likely to be satisfied

29% likely to be more productive

46% less likely to experience unhealthy days

Who should attend?

Where it's at

Well@Work is going down at the Oasis Stage, Day 1

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