Startup Village

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Innovation and disruption of the healthcare ecosystem are central to Digital Health Festival. The DHF23 Startup Village encapsulates this energy and provides a forum for Australia’s most creative and innovative Startup companies to showcase their latest and greatest advancements.

The DHF23 Startup Village is Australia’s largest healthtech startup gathering, bringing together 100+ handpicked companies that we feel best capture the DHF23 goal of fuelling the digital health revolution.

From cutting-edge developments in FemTech and Mental Health, to groundbreaking progress in Psyschedelics and Disability Wellness, the DHF23 Startup Village has an exhibition for everyone.

Meet the innovators at the forefront of the healthcare revolution

Here’s what to expect from the DHF23 Startup Village

Lenexa Medical revelled in the electric Startup Village atmosphere at DHF22. DHF23 promises even more exhibitors, innovation, and healthcare disruption, as 100+ startup and early-stage companies take centre stage in the healthcare revolution.

Startup/Early-stage companies looking to apply?

DHF requirements for startup status: