Speaker Resources

Important Information

Last updated: 28 April 2021

Welcome to the speaker resource page! This is the place to find all current and updated information, tips for preparing for the event, technical information, links and resources for speakers presenting at Digital Health Festival 2021.

Add us to your email safe or white list
In the lead up to the conference we will send you important email reminders and updates. To ensure you receive the reminder emails please add helen@viconferences.com.au and conferences@viconferences.com.au to your contacts or “safe or white list”.

Important dates for your diary!

  • TUE 18 – THURS 20 MAY 2021 – SPEAKER TECH CHECKS | between 8:30am to 5:45pm each day AEST **  – All speakers must do a quick 15min tech check to test their computer, camera and audio in the Hopin platform prior to the event, with one of our team. See below for more information.
  • MON 31 MAY 2021 – NETWORKING & EXPO DAY | from 8:00am onwards – start networking as well as explore the virtual EXPO area.
  • TUE 1 & WED 2 JUNE 2021 – DIGITAL HEALTH FESTIVAL | 8:45 – 5:45pm AEST **

**AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Times

1. Registration

We will register you in the Hopin event and you will receive an email with a special link to access the event, with a 2 step verification process. Please check your junk/spam folder if the email from Hopin is not in your inbox. Please press the add to calendar button to save the dates and your unique link to access the live virtual event.

2. Training Videos

Prior to the tech checks all speakers are required to watch these short videos showing registration, speaker tech checks, speaker process on the festival day, how to navigate around our event platform, Hopin and sharing slides. Please also read the information below as it will answer most of your questions about the festival and Hopin. If you have any further tech questions about Hopin you may ask during your speaker tech check.

3. Tech Checks

Speaker tech checks will take place between Tue 18 – Thur 20 May 2021. It is really important that you attend a quick (no longer than) 15 min tech check with a member of our team, this is your opportunity to test your audio and video, test the screen sharing capabilities and fix any tech issues that may arise. Hopin updates their software frequently. Even if you have used Hopin previously, you are still required to do a tech check for this event.

Please click here to schedule your preferred tech check time. Fill in your name and select an available time and submit. Then add it to your calendar. If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled times please enter your name, then add a comment to offer other suitable times and press ‘Send Cannot attend’ button. Note: All times are AEST – Australia Eastern Standard Times 

4. Guest Registration

Due to the easily accessible virtual format, we are able to offer complimentary guest tickets for you to share with anyone you feel will benefit and be inspired. Share these with clients, prospective clients, partners, team members, colleagues and anyone else in your network! NB: each person needs to register using their own email, as an email can only be used once in the Hopin platform.

Here is a template for you to copy and paste when you’re sharing:

I’m speaking at Digital Health Festival 2021 – unique virtual festival featuring the people and technologies that are transforming healthcare. Please use this link below to register for a complimentary ticket.

Speaker Guest Tickethttps://hopin.com/events/digital-health-festival-2021?code=t8fwXOqRg0EqxH7W27D1VwHuO

  1. Copy and paste the link into a GOOGLE CHROME browser. Hopin is not compatible with Microsoft Explorer, Edge or fully compatible with Safari. 
  2. Look at the tickets on the right hand side of the screen, scroll down and you will see the Speaker Guest – Ticket highlighted. Fill in your details and click the blue ‘Checkout’ button.

5. Promotional Material

Please use this speaker promo kit below to promote yourself speaking at Digital Health Festival 2021, via your socials and network.

6. Hopin Information & Trouble shooting


Things to do

  • Choose a quiet place  
  • Check you are in view, ideally the top half of your body should be on camera whether sitting or standing  
  • Choose a room that has good natural light 

Things to avoid

  • Setting up in a noisy location 
  • Sitting/Standing too far away from the screen as your face needs to be the focus 
  • Sitting/Standing in front of a window or with strong light behind you 

7. Festival Briefing Information

Festival program currently in development and you can access it here.

As the festival schedule is very tight, there is no extra time for Q & A sessions after your session is finished. There is a specific Q & A area in Hopin alongside the chat area, so if you have time within your allocated time-slot you could invite questions. 

If you are exhibiting and have a booth set up as a ‘live session’ you can also direct attendees to visit your booth after your talk, for a Q & A. 

As the timing for the festival is very tight, it is imperative that all sessions run to time.  We require you to be in the ‘Speaker Hub’ 30mins prior to your session to allow sufficient time to check in and do a tech check on the day. 

You will receive a ‘speaker run sheet’ with links of where you need to be and at what time. To ensure the smooth running of the event, please ensure you follow the directions on the run sheet at the event.  If at anytime you have technical issues or are unsure of where you need to be, please check back in at the speaker hub for assistance.

The MC will briefly introduce presenters and you will be brought on screen then MC will leave the screen. Please keep track of time and be aware that your session could be cut short.  

Our MC will come on screen when your session is about to finish, which will be your cue to wrap up and finalise your talk. Please have a brief conclusion you can segue too quickly, even if you haven’t finished everything you’d planned to say. 

Prior to the festival you will be introduced to the Panel Moderator. At the festival the Panel Moderator will open the discussion with some brief introductory remarks followed by questions to the panellists. Individual panellists will not be presenting. The Panel Moderator will have discretion about which questions to respond to from the live chat and Q & A function. 

Prior to the festival you will be introduced to the other fireside chat participants to discuss how you would like to run the session. NB: There is no moderator for the Fireside Chats

Engaging your audience is crucial for any presentation and is even more important in a virtual event. Please be mindful that the delegates are attending for new information and inspiration, so avoid using your session for a ‘sales pitch’. Of course, you are free to mention a product or service however this should not be the main focus of your talk. No matter what kind of presentation you are giving, you must find ways to create authentic audience connection, engagement, and value. 

 You might like to refer to some expert tips on presenting in the virtual space, please see two examples below: 

Forbes expert tips                            Stanford expert tips 

Generally speaking less is more with slides especially in a virtual event – if you feel it is necessary to use slides, please keep them concise and visual.  

Note: Panel discussions and Fireside Chats can not use slide presentations.
Note: If using slides please make sure you read 6. Hopin Troubleshooting and watch the Sharing Powerpoint slides video (above). Please prepare a test slideshow 
in the same format you will use at the festival, to test at your tech check that will be scheduled between Tue 18 – Thur 20 May.