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Speak @ DHF24

Are you a leader in healthcare and eager to share your expertise with the largest gathering of senior healthcare professionals in Australia and the region? This is your opportunity to apply to become a speaker at Digital Health Festival 2024!

DHF covers breadth and depth when it comes to content. We cover all the hot issues in digital health across eight stages.

Please note: This is not for Vendors or Consultants looking to promote a product or service. Any submissions in this category will be referred to our Sponsorship & Exhibition team. If you fall into this category, please click here.

The DHF24 agenda will target:

Submission Guidelines

Not everyone gets accepted -
it's not personal!

Please know that we receive well over 500 applications and can only accept around 20%. We appreciate your effort and patience as we curate the best program.

Tips for being selected

Be Different

We will not accept generic talks, or broad topics like “the future of health is digital”.

Be Innovative

DHF is a forum for the freshest, most innovative ideas.

Be Flexible

… between panels and keynotes.

Be niche

The ‘riches are in the niches.’ Most submissions fall into a very narrow topic area.

DHF is for a senior audience

We are more likely to select speakers that fall into this category and talks that target to this audience level.

Be practical

DHF is not an academic conference, and talks are not expected to be overtly technical. Practical case studies or futuristic outlooks are preferred.

Topics to be covered

Aged Care Innovation
Chronic Illness Management
Cloud & Health Information Systems
Communication & Productivity Tools
Data and Analytics
Data and Analytics
Digital Pharmacy
Disability & NDIS Tech
Drug Discovery & Clinical Trials
Entrepreneurship & Finance
Health Commercialisation
Health Compliance
Health Equity
Health Infrastructure
ICU Tech
Medical Devices
Medical Records
Mental Health
Mhealth & Wearables
Practice Management
Preventative Care
Remote Patient Monitoring
Rural & Remote Health
Telehealth & Virtual Care
VR & Gamification
Wellness Tech
Workforce & Training

Ready to Apply?

Applications open from 13 Sep to 25 Oct 2023.