Exhibitor Resources

Last Updated: 28 April 2022

Welcome to the exhibitor resource page! This is the place to find all current and updated information, portal links and resources for organisations exhibiting at Digital Health Festival 2022 – Exhibition Hall 15, 16 and 17 at MCEC Melbourne.

Important: we have received unfortunate news that our freight forwarding partner has gone out of business. We are working hard to find a new partner and support your logistic requirements

Event Dates

  • 30 MAY 2022 – BUMP IN 3:00pm All stands should be ready and staffed by 8:30am on Tuesday 31 May)
  • TUE 31 MAY & WED 1 JUNE 2022 – DIGITAL HEALTH FESTIVAL | EXPO OPEN 9:00am-5:00pm
  • WED 1 JUNE 2022 – BUMP OUT | from 4:00pm

Deadline Dates






Key Contacts

+61 429 296 111 | hamish@digitalhealthfest.com.au


+61 400 388 846 | andra@digitalhealthfest.com.au

+61 2 9982 5511 | showforms@exhibitsystems.com.au



Expo Build Info

Exhibit Systems is the Official Contractor for any shell scheme stands, custom booth designs, furniture and audio visual requirements, lighting & electrical equipment, carpeting, graphics and signage.

To enhance your experience , you will be given access to Exhibit System’s ‘exhibit easy client Portal’ which will provide you with all details of your stand size and inclusions. You will be able to organise all requirements for your stand through this Portal which replaces any online forms that you were previously required to complete. You will also have the option to order and pay for any additional requirements, e.g. furniture and audio visual hire.

Shortly after you have confirmed your participation in the Workplace Wellness Festival, you will receive an email from Exhibit Systems (which will come from showforms@exhibitsystems.com.au), inviting you to log into the Portal. The email will provide you with information on how to access the Portal (if you do not receive an email please also check your junk folder).  Please ensure you log on and complete all of the necessary event information within the relevant timeframes.

Your username will be your email address.

If you have any issues with accessing the portal, please direct your enquiries to

Martin Davey
+61 2 9982 5511 | showforms@exhibitsystems.com.au

With experienced designers and builders, Exhibit Systems can ensure you make an impact. If you would like a custom-built stand please contact Exhibit Systems. 

If you are having a custom-built stand, please submit your stand plan to exservices@mcec.com.au for approval prior to construction by Fri 6 May 2022.

Agility Fairs and Events is the official freight forwarder and onsite logistics provider to the Digital Health Festival.

Specialising in exhibition freight forwarding – both domestic and international – Agility can ensure that exhibitors’ product, display & merchandise are in the right place, at the right time.
Providing a complete transport, materials handling & storage service, we monitor freight from origin through to exhibition booth, ensuring goods are handled in a professional manner and all formalities/deadlines are met.
If you are using Agility, your goods will automatically be delivered to your exhibition booth and all services provided will be invoiced to you post event.

Agility Fairs & Events offers the following services:

  • All local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors’ stand at the venue 
  • Storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition
  • For international exhibitors, a comprehensive international freight forwarding service tailored to each particular exhibitor’s requirements 
  • A team of experts to arrange a full door-to-booth service, inclusive of  freight, customs and all handling 


The show bumps in on very tight parameters and deliveries will not be accepted at the venue earlier.  Furthermore, all freight must be removed from the venue during official move out times, no exceptions. Agility may be instructed by the Event Organiser to remove any freight still onsite at the end of tenancy back to a local Agility depot, at the expense of the exhibitor/contractor.  For these reasons, we highly recommend using Agility as their service is door-to- venue and they work weekends and outside normal business hours.  

Agility is a key partner to this event and has been engaged to assist you.  Prior to the show, Agility will make contact to discuss and determine your individual freight and logistics requirements. In the meantime, please refer to the next section for guidance on how to place work orders. 

Domestic [within Australia] freight inquiries:
Please submit your work orders by accessing Agility’s Event Services Portal.
Should you require any assistance during this process, please contact:

Agility Fairs & Events
47 Watson Drive, Melbourne Airport 
Tel: +61 3 9330 3303

Email: wellness@agility.com

Please note: 

  • If you are using your own transport company, Agility cannot sign for delivery of goods on your behalf.  Please ensure you make specific arrangements with your transport provider and/or ensure you have a representative onsite at the time of delivery.
  • Agility may be instructed by the Event Organiser to remove any freight still onsite at the end of tenancy back to a local Agility depot, at the expense of the exhibitor/contractor. 
  • Agility Fairs & Events trading Terms & Conditions apply for all services provided – it is important that you are aware of these.  Please view Agility Fairs & Events Standard Terms & Conditions

BUMP IN – TUE 30 MAY 2022 3:00pm | BUMP OUT – THUR 1 JUNE 2022 4:00pm

Bump in/out options:  

  1. Book freight services with Agility. All freight will be consolidated offsite prior to the event and will then be transported to the venue and distributed to exhibitor’s stands prior to exhibitor bump in time. For bump out, freight will be collected from exhibitor’s stand and reconsolidated offsite post-event, ready for collection
  2. Use own courier to deliver/pick up goods to/from the venue loading dock. Please call the logistics team for more info on 03 9235 88385 and fill out an Exhibition Centre Delivery Label form
    Vehicles that arrive at the loading dock without a booking will be turned away.

    Once goods have been unloaded, Agility will move all equipment from the loading dock to the exhibitor’s allocated stand.  
    Please note that goods will only be accepted on Tuesday 30 May.  
  3. Bring goods/equipment via own means of transport. Exhibitors can bring their own goods in their vehicle and move it up to Exhibition Hall 6 from the car park.  

Goods delivered to MCEC Melbourne via Agility will be delivered and distributed to each stand.

High-vis, enclosed footwear & safety clothing are to be worn during bump in/out and must comply with Australian Standards.

More information on the loading dock access can be found here

TBC – There may not be any onsite storage.

Venue Info and Permits

Catering is not provided at the Festival.

Exhibitors are required to bring their own food. There will be a cafe area in the expo hall for staff to buy lunch.

Having a branded coffee cart or other free food/beverage offerings at your stand is a great way to attract delegates. MCEC offer a number of stand catering options

View the MCEC Coffee Cart order form

You must complete the form and send it exservices@mcec.com.au

Internet and network solutions Wireless connectivity is readily available throughout the venue. Visitors and Exhibitors have access to free public Wi-Fi, for basic browsing, email and social media.  

The venue does not allow the use of wireless access points other than the venue fixed wireless infrastructure and reserves the right to disable wireless transmitting devices found to be causing interference. 

Should you require other AV services on your stand, please contact Exhibit Systems.


All point rigging and attachments must be executed by the venues approved licensed riggers and will be booked on behalf of the Hirer by MCEC staff. 

Exhibitors wishing to suspend items from the roof of the venues must submit, for approval by MCEC, tech drawings and specifications of items to be suspended, including position, weights, type of materials and any special requirements to exservices@mcec.com.au by 6 May 2022.

Please advise the Event Organisers if you wish to sell items at your stand at the expo. Permit forms are not required for items that are not food. If you intend to sell food items, only businesses which have food as their core business will be permitted. A payout fee of $600 per day will be applied. 


Health and Safety

Please note: There must be 3-metre clearance in all aisles, at all times. Exits and emergency equipment must not be obstructed.

This requires all persons to be committed to carrying out their moral and legal duties, assessing all hazards and risks continually and taking reasonable precautions to mitigate risks. 

Hazards are anything that has the potential to cause harm in any way to people, property or the environment. A hazard can be the result of your work environment, equipment and substances. Poor work practices, systems, procedures and behaviour are a major cause of hazards in the workplace. 

Children under 16 are not permitted onsite during the bump in/out.

Prior to use, all electrical equipment must be tested and tagged in accordance with the Codes of Practice and Australian Standards. Equipment can be tested and tagged by any qualified electrician. 

In any emergency notify your event security provider immediately or dial 6666 internally from the nearest house phone. The MCEC Security Control Centre will dial 000 to co-ordinate emergency service response as required.

Your event security provider has been briefed by MCEC building security on evacuation procedures, as part of their requirements to work at MCEC. Please follow all directions and do not hinder or obstruct any member of an emergency service, medical profession or security officer in the exercise of his or her duties.

For non-emergency security enquiries dial ext. 8333 (or 9235 8333 from any phone).

In the event of an emergency, one of two alarms may sound: 

Alert alarm: “Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The alert alarm is operated from the building’s emergency warning intercommunication system (EWIS). It is designed to alert everyone in the vicinity of a possible emergency. This is only a warning alarm – if it sounds please standby for further instructions.

Evacuation alarm: “Whoop! Whoop!”

The evacuation alarm is designed to notify all occupants that an evacuation is necessary. When the evacuation alarm sounds, all occupants will be directed by wardens to leave via the emergency exits. Everyone must follow directions issued by the wardens and meet at the nearest evacuation assembly area.

Please see the evacuation map here.

Raven Events public liability insurance policy covers exhibition visitors ONLY. The organisers and/or venue take no responsibility for exhibitor equipment/ staff/ products or goods. 

Insurance to cover the transportation, storage, movements and placement of exhibit equipment, products and goods are the responsibility of the Exhibiting Company and should take effect from the day of transport to the exhibition, build-up to breakdown and removal. 

Exhibitors are required to take out adequate insurance cover against such risks that may incur, in particular all Risks on Property & Valuables, Public Liability, Employer’s liability and Personal Accident to Staff. 

Please send through your current public liability certificate to hamish@digitalhealthfest.com.au by Fri 6 May 2022.

Exhibitors are to wear identification for entry & exit to the venue as agreed with the Event Organisers at all times. Venues are locked overnight; however, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to secure any valuables. 

MCEC and Raven Events are not responsible for any goods, equipment, decorations, etc. that are left behind at the conclusion of the event. Please ensure the above mentioned items are removed by the conclusion of the agreed bump out period in order for the venue to be fully available for future hirers. 

To help ensure the security of your belongings, please follow standard exhibition procedures:  

  • Ensure no valuable items are left unattended. 
  • Monitor products & belongings at all times. 
  • Secure/fasten all valuables to counters or place in lockable cabinets. 
  • Keep storage doors locked.  
  • If there is an emergency or security-related incident, please notify the venue supervisor. 

High-vis, enclosed footwear & safety clothing are to be worn during bump in/out and must comply with Australian Standards.


We would love for you to invite your networks to join us at the Festival. These tickets have access to the expo hall and the expo theatre.

You may provide complimentary tickets to clients using the following link: https://regonsite.eventsair.com/digital-health-fest-22/groupreg6/Site/Register

Please note, complimentary tickets are not available to vendors