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Resources and deadlines for Digital Health Festival's exhibitors

Digital Health Festival will be held at Melbourne’s MCEC, 7 - 8 May 2024.
Please read the following DHF24 resource information and add the deadline dates below to your calendars!

Exhibit Systems, our Expo Build contractor, will email the main contact person from your company a password to access their Exhibitor Portal by the start of February 2024. As there is an attachment the Exhibit Systems email could go to your junk mail or Spam Folder so, please check there too. This can only be done once your company has filled out the Contact and Logo sheets found on the DHF Partners Hub tab.

Table of Contents

Key Dates

March 2024
Friday 15th March 2024 Order Shell Scheme or Custom Build furniture, power, and fascia signage with Exhibit Systems via their Exhibitor portal – link and password sent via email.
Friday 15th March 2024 Custom Build Plans sent to DHF at for approval by DHF and subsequently MCEC
April 2024

Monday 22nd April 2024 – MCEC Exhibitor Permit Forms Due. MCEC exhibitor requirements, including all relevant forms, at this page:  

Monday 22nd April 2024 – Enquiries submitted to Expo Freight via the Expo Freight Portal

Expo Freight – Freight collection deadlines:

  • VIC Metro – 6th May 2024
  • NSW Metro – 1st May 2024
  • SA Metro – 1st May 2024
  • QLD Metro – 30th April 2024
  • WA Metro – 26th April 2024
  • For all other areas, please contact the Expo Freight team.
Monday 29th April 2024 Upload MCEC Site Induction & Public Liability Forms –  MCEC site induction  – MCEC on +61 3 9235 8385 or +61 3 9235 8386 or email

Key Contacts

Venue –MCEC Melbourne – Exhibitor Requirements

For any Exhibitor queries please reach out to MCEC Exhibitor services team on or contact them on 03 9235 8110.

Important Links:

Expo Build Info


Exhibit Systems is the Official Contractor for any shell scheme stands, custom booth designs, furniture and audio-visual requirements, lighting and electrical equipment, carpeting, graphics, and fascia signage.

You will be given access to Exhibit System’s ‘Client Portal’ which will provide you with all the details of your stand size and inclusions. You will be able to organise all requirements for your stand through this Portal. You will also have the option to order and pay for any additional requirements, e.g., furniture and audio-visual hire.

Once you have confirmed your place at the Digital Health Festival 2024, you will receive an email from Exhibit Systems (which will come from, inviting you to log into the Portal. The email will provide you with information on how to access the Portal (if you do not receive an email, please also check your junk/spam folder).  Please ensure you log on with your new password and complete all the necessary event information within the relevant timeframes.

Your username will be your email address.

If you have any issues with accessing the portal, please direct your enquiries to:

Custom Stand Builds

Exhibit Systems has experienced designers and builders and can ensure you make an impact. If you would like a custom-built stand, please contact Exhibit Systems. 


If you have a custom-built stand, please submit the custom stand form as well as your stand plan to  for approval prior to construction by Friday 15th March 2024.  



Walls: 2.4mH White walls in an aluminium Octanorm frame. 

FASCIA: Aluminium frame with SHOW BRANDED fascia board with BLACK lettering. Company names will be installed on each open aisle fascia. Each sign will be a maximum of 30 UPPERCASE characters including spaces. 

SIGNAGE: All open aisle frontages will have a fascia sign consisting of the company name and stand number. Standard lettering in black (maximum 30 characters) 

LIGHTING: 2 x 120W track-mounted spotlights per 9 square meters mounted onto the light track inside the fascia. 

POWER: 1x 4amp PowerPoint per single stand, regardless of size. PowerPoint is positioned in the rear corner of the stand. 

FLOORING: Your stand will be carpeted.

FURNITURE: No Furniture is included in the shell Scheme Package – You can book furniture through the Exhibit Systems online portal. 

Exhibitors can use Velcro, blue tac and tape to attach/hang items from the walls or alternatively, they can book the shelves with Exhibit Systems.  

No use of nails or screws that will puncture through the walling.  

MCEC Courier Deliveries

 If you are not using DHF’s Freight Forwarding Handler ‘Expo Freight’ then you will need to label your couriered items with MCEC’s Delivery Label.

Please click here to download the Delivery Label.

Freight Forwarding / Transport / Logistics

We are pleased to announce that Expo Freight Australia is the official freight forwarder and onsite logistics provider for Digital Health Festival24.

Providing a complete transport, materials handling, and storage service. Utilising Expo Freight service streamlines your operational experience.

If you are using Expo Freight, your goods will automatically be delivered to your exhibition booth and all services provided will be invoiced to you as per the event tariff.

There are 2 options for delivery to your stand:

Option 1

Book your requirements directly through Expo Freight. Expo Freight will collect from your allocated address, store all items prior to the event and deliver directly to your stand, prior to your arrival. They will also store any pallets and crates during the show and have them returned to your stand ready for bump out.

Please note all enquiries must be submitted by Monday 22 April 2024 via the Expo Freight Portal and the following freight collection deadlines are applicable –

  • VIC Metro = 6 May
  • NSW Metro = 1 May
  • SA Metro = 1 May
  • QLD Metro = 30 April
  • WA Metro = 26 April
  • For all other areas, please contact our team
Option 2

If you would like to make your own arrangements for delivery, loading dock access and onsite handling MUST be booked through the Expo Freight Portal.

If you are not utilising Expo Freight for the transportation of your goods, then you must have an MCEC Shipping Label and have clear stand numbers stated for both delivery and pickup.

How to book Freight and Dock Access:

For all bookings please log in via the Expo Freight Portal.

If this is your first time utilising the portal, please locate the welcome email that has been sent to you. This will contain login details and a temporary password. Alternatively, you can register a new account via the links or website.

Once you have created an account, please log in and search for “Digital Health Festival24” under the new booking request link on your dashboard.

Once your enquiry has been submitted one of our friendly team will reach out to progress this further. If you are utilising a Custom Stand Builder, external to Exhibit Systems then please invite them to register their requirements via your dashboard.

Phone: +61 490 069 630

Important. Please note:

If you are using your own transport company or delivering yourself, Expo Freight cannot sign for delivery of goods on your behalf. Please ensure you make specific arrangements with your transport provider and/or ensure you have a representative onsite at the time of delivery. Expo Freight can unload pallets and crates from your delivery trucks only if arrival is pre-booked with us.

Health + Safety


Access to power for your stand is organised through Exhibit Systems via your portal site. All electrical equipment (including brand-new items) brought on-site must be tagged and tested. Exhibit Systems offers a Test & Tag service if you organise your Stand Build through them.

Otherwise, Digital Health Systems will provide a 3-hour Test & Tag service on the afternoon of Sponsor and Exhibitor Bump-In on Monday, May 6, 2024. You must add your Company Name and items needed for testing and tagging – click here to access the Test & Tag form.


All stand lighting must be 2.2 metres above the floor level. Any variation must be approved through the event organiser.

High-powered lights such as floods or spots must not be placed within 500mm of flammable material. All portable light fittings must have a Certificate of Suitability or a Certificate of Approval from Australian or New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulators.

Testing and Tagging

Every piece of electrical equipment that is brought on-site must be tested and tagged in accordance with relevant Australian Standards prior to use.

Exhibitors must ensure that all loose cables are secured to avoid tripping hazards.

Safety First

MCEC is legally obliged to provide a safe environment for all employees and visitors. In accordance with relevant legislation, Australian standards, and codes of practice, we’ve developed stringent safety procedures and policies that must be followed by event organisers, event participants, exhibitors, and contractors.

Online safety induction for Exhibitors

All exhibitors are required to complete the MCEC Site Induction at least 72 hours before arriving at MCEC.

Please note: your company will need to be registered with MCEC before you can complete the module. To register a company, please supply an email address and company name
to CMS administration. You can contact them on +61 3 9235 8062 or

MCEC Work Health and Safety induction is an online module found here recommend familiarising yourself with our Work Health and Safety manual prior to completing the module.

Emergency Evacuation

Review MCEC emergency evacuation procedures.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Emergency Procedures

Fire, medical and security emergencies

Dial ext. 6666 (or +61 3 9235 8333 from any phone)

In any emergency, notify your event security provider immediately or dial 6666 from the nearest internal phone.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) Security Control Centre will dial 000 to co-ordinate emergency service response aps required.

For non-emergency security enquiries dial ext. 8333 (or 9235 8333 from any phone).


Familiarise yourself with the nearest fire exit and follow the warden’s instructions. Do not use the lifts.

Please note that only trained security personnel or wardens are permitted to use fire extinguishers.

Medical emergencies

In any medical emergency notify your event security or first aid provider immediately. You can also report first aid/medical incidents to the Security Control Centre by calling 6666 from an internal phone or +61 3 9235 8333.

Shelter within the venue

If there is an emergency that requires you to stay indoors, find a safe place away from windows or doors and wait for instruction from the wardens or security.


In the event of an emergency one of two alarms may sound.

Alert alarm: “Beep! Beep! Beep!”
If you hear the alert alarm, remain where you are and wait for further instructions

Evacuation alarm: “Whoop! Whoop!”
If you hear the evacuation alarm you must leave the building immediately. A warden will direct you to the safest evacuation point and let you know if/when it is safe to return.

Emergency evacuation assembly areas

In case of an emergency, a warden will direct you to the safest evacuation point.

The emergency evacuation assembly areas for the Digital Health Festival are below:

  • MCEC grassed area between Yarra River (South) and MEC Yarra Doors 1 & 2
  • Siddeley Street promenade, northern side of Yarra River. Access via Seafarers Bridge
  • Munro Street car park. Access via the exhibition bays, rear of MEC

Note: The evacuation assembly points are subject to change at the discretion of the chief fire warden, depending on the location of the emergency, type of emergency, crowd density and wind conditions.

A map displaying the evacuation points from the MCEC
MCEC Evac Points: click to view PDF
Fire awareness

It’s illegal to:

  • block or congest emergency exits
  • block the access route to an emergency exit
  • obscure or cover emergency exit signs
  • store equipment or any other item in the fire stairs
  • block open fire or smoke doors or any doors leading to fire stairs

MCEC will not accept these practices and adherence will be strictly enforced.

Report all incidents or near misses to the event organiser, event security or MCEC security control room on extension 8333 or +61 3 9235 8333.

Safety vests and Closed toe shoes

It’s mandatory for all Exhibitors to wear closed-toe shoes and approved safety vests at all times during Bump-in and Bump-out periods. These are available from Vending Machines onsite for $8.00.

Alcohol consumption during Bump-in and Bump- out

Due to OH&S compliance, alcoholic beverages cannot be consumed during move-in and move-out of exhibitions at MCEC. All service of alcohol must cease 30 minutes prior to show close.

Prohibited and controlled weapons

MCEC bans carriage, display or possession of all firearms, prohibited and controlled weapons on site including exhibitions and all other events. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Knives/daggers
  • Spear guns
  • Batons
  • Machetes
  • Axes/tomahawks
  • Swords
  • Imitation firearms
Key Safety Info:  
  • Hi-vis vests and close-toed shoes must be always worn during bump-in / bump-out and on the loading dock.  
  • Children under 15 are not permitted during bump in / out or on the loading dock at any time. 
  • Trolleys are not permitted on the concourse. 
  • First aid can be accessed via MCEC security.  
  • All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged before being used onsite.  
  • Special approval is required from MCEC’s Exhibitor Services and the event organiser for unique activations e.g., Vehicles on the show floor, open flames, balloons etc.  

MCEC Venue Info


There is no on-site storage at MCEC. Contact the event organiser or the appointed freight forwarder if you need storage.

Custom Stand Builds

If a freight forwarder has not been engaged or an exhibitor requires additional assistance, MCEC loading dock services can be ordered using the relevant Loading Dock service form.

The Convention Centre Loading Dock service form can be found here

For any enquiries about the services available please contact the Convention Centre Loading Dock directly at +61 3 9253 8386.

Loading Dock Access

Accessed from Normanby Road and located on the lower ground level of the Convention Centre, this loading dock is completely weather-protected. Three dock levellers enable vehicles to load and unload at floor level for the Plenary and a truck lift enables easy access to all levels of the Convention Centre. A 30-minute parking limit applies for the drop-off/pick-up of goods during the move-in/move-out process. Vehicles are not permitted to park on either loading dock at any time.

A map displaying loading dock access at MCEC
MCEC Loading Dock Access: click to view PDF


Contact MCEC: +61 3 9235 8110


If your stand requires Rigging, please contact MCEC – For any exhibitor queries please reach out to their exhibitor services team at or contact them on 03 9235 8110.

Accredited Rigging Companies

Rigging in the MCEC is a high-risk activity that impacts various stakeholders. As a result of consultation with key industry representatives and the rigging companies, there are new safety requirements around rigging activities for compliance.

For the purpose of the implementation of these safety requirements, rigging has been defined as high-risk work involving the use of mechanical load-shifting equipment and associated gear to move, place or secure a load including plant, equipment or members of a building or structure and to ensure the stability of those members.

The client, organiser, production company or exhibitors are required to select a rigging company from the list below:

Clifton Productions

James Pavey
+61 39416 6821

D&D Expo Rigging

Darell Gunn
+61 0481114706

Get Rigged

Dave Crowson
+61 407 525 994

Harry the Hirer

Brad Johnson
+61 39485 8666

Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre

Dale Cook
+61 410 084 969

Resolution X

Jamie Russell
+61 39701 2411

Showtech Australia

Tiny Good
+61 39587 7311

Selling at your Stand

Food safety regulations

All Exhibitors supplying and displaying food as part of their exhibit will be responsible for complying with relevant standards, including registering as temporary food premises with the City of Melbourne. More information about temporary and mobile food premises within the City of Melbourne can be found here: – temporary and mobile food premises Exhibitors are also responsible for determining the food safety and handling requirements for their products before an event.

Please note, beverage products are considered by the Melbourne City Council to be foodstuffs in the context of food handling and safety, including the issue of temporary food premises licenses therefore exhibitors must ensure they comply with legislative requirements.

For any further queries visit the Streatrader website
or contact the Health and Wellbeing department directly on 03 9658 8858 or via email at


MCEC has sole catering rights to the venue and therefore any externally sourced food or beverage must receive prior approval from Exhibitor Services and may be subject to an external supply charge. 

MCEC’s exhibitor services offer on-stand catering, personal internet packages and more on the Exhibitor Services Page. Please note there is a 7 business-day deadline prior to the event beginning to finalise orders.  


Parking at the MCEC: Click to enlarge

How to get here: PT and parking options –

There are multiple car parks within the immediate vicinity of MCEC. Please be advised that the car parks are not managed by MCEC and for any queries, please contact the car park management directly. Click here  – for current pricing and information.

Getting to MCEC

MCEC is located on the banks of the iconic Yarra River in South Wharf. Only 20 minutes from Melbourne Airport, and close to trains, trams, and buses.

Street addresses

Melbourne Exhibition Centre
2 Clarendon Street, South Wharf

Travelling by public transport

For public transport options please see the MCEC website