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Your sponsor and exhibitor questions, answered
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Onsite Induction, MCEC

Who needs to complete MCEC’s Contractor Onsite Induction?

All contractors and Exhibitors will need to complete our Contractor Site Induction, including registering as a new user and adding ABN and public liability insurance details.

For contractors, the following details will also need to be given to Event Manager at MCEC:

  • Date and arrival time
  • Onsite contact name and mobile number
  • Service provided.

It is important that the contractor bump in time does not clash with the main event build that DHF is organising.

Contractors must have completed the Contractor Site Induction before they arrive on-site. There will be spot checks on the loading dock. The site induction paperwork must be completed 3 business days prior to the DHF24 Bump-in.

Yes, all Sponsors and Exhibitors need to complete the On-site induction by Wednesday 1st May 2024 at

Please complete the first site induction link that says: Complete your site induction – Exhibitors.

All Exhibitors (only displaying product or any person onsite during bump in/bump out) must complete their site induction in LinkSafe

No, this is not necessary.

If you don’t need any services from MCEC or are not running any activities that require approval from MCEC then you don’t need to fill out any other forms other than the site induction.

Approvals by MCEC are required for the following activities:
  • Food and beverage sampling: Approvals are required from MCEC and charges may apply for sponsors and exhibitors bringing any external food and beverages on site.
  • Approvals required:The following activities require approval from MCEC prior to coming on-site (more information is contained in the MCEC Exhibitor Services Guide
    • External food and beverage sampling or selling
    • Motor vehicles or large/heavy items in event space
    • Gas cylinders
    • Naked flames
    • Animals on-site
    • Helium balloons
    • Conducting a trade, promotion, or lottery
    • Custom stand plans

Sponsors and Exhibitors can order the below items from MCEC (with a 7-business day deadline) directly from

  • Stand Catering
  • Food and beverage outlet account cards
  • Communication services
  • Technology services
  • Stand Cleaning
  • Utilities pit access for compressed air and water

No, MCEC doesn’t need all the public liability insurance certificates from Sponsors and Exhibitors.

Delivery Information – Loading Dock Access and Onsite Handling


When can we get freight delivered to our Stand?

During Bump in Times only (to be announced in early February)

Yes, you can if you are parking in the underground carpark and bringing the boxes in by hand. If you need to use trolleys to move the boxes through foyers/concourse, this is ONLY permitted after hours between 7 pm-7 am. If this needs to happen during the day (with trolleys), you will need to bump in via the loading dock.

MCEC does not have enough onsite storage for all our Sponsors and Exhibitors. We recommend that all Sponsors and Exhibitors use our contracted freight forwarding company, Expo Freight (   

If someone is onsite when the delivery arrives, such as DHF staff or Expo Freight staff, then the exhibitor does not have to be onsite as we can accept it on your behalf. However, It is best to organise someone from your own company, if possible, first.

Yes, the courier can drop off items directly to the booth. They will have to wear high-visibility vests and closed-toe shoes and complete our site induction prior to arriving on site. They can only leave their vehicle on the loading dock for up to 30 minutes, then they must move it into a car park.


Does MCEC’s Delivery label need to be put on Freight as well if it is going through the Freight Forwarder Expo Freight?

No, only the Expo-Freight label needs to be put on the Freight.

Yes, if you would like to make your own arrangements for delivery, loading dock access and onsite handling MUST still be booked through the Expo Freight portal. If you are not utilising Expo Freight for the transportation of your goods then you must have a Delivery Label (click here) and have clear stand numbers stated for both delivery and pickup.

MCEC Porterage Rates

Porterage rates will be released in early 2024.


Exhibitor deliveries can only arrive from Monday 6 May 2024.

Any items received for this show prior to Monday 6 May will be turned away. You will not be able to deliver anything on Friday 3 May.

How do I access the Delivery Labels for deliveries to MCEC for my Stand?

MCEC DHF Exhibition Bays

Which Bays of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is the Digital Health Festival?

Bays 7 -13

Bay 8 – Roller Door 4
Bay 9 – Roller Door 5
Bay 12 – Roller Door 6
Bay 13 – Roller Door 7

Stands and Setup

Custom Floor Plans

Who do we send Custom Stand Plans to?

Send to Digital Health Festival Operations Manager at for initial review regardless of whether the Custom Stand Builder is built by Exhibit Systems or an independent contractor.

These will be then sent to MCEC requiring all Custom Stand Plans to be submitted to them.

As a minimum, DHF requires a proper stand drawing: plan, front and side elevations of the stand (no hand drawings) to include:

  • Construction materials
  • Measurements
  • Flooring

Further, MCEC requirements for a Custom Stand:

  • Exhibitors building their own stand or having their stand custom built by another contractor must supply full details of the stand design and their stand builder’s details to the Organisers for approval. The Organiser and the Venue have the right to refuse your custom-built stand on the day if you have not supplied any drawings or information on its design and construction.
  • You must show detailed drawings, with dimensions, illustrating the design of your stand for the exhibition and verify its structural integrity and compliance with all Venue Regulations. Venue regulations vary from State to State and venue to venue. It is your responsibility and your contractor’s responsibility to verify these regulations.
  • You as the exhibitor and/or stand builder agree to abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the exhibition and have adequate insurance for all incidents. Copies of insurance must be received by the Organiser 14 working days before arriving to commence work.

Exhibit Systems assume that anything at 6×6 and bigger would be a Custom Stand.

If you are just attaching Fabframe signage to a standard Octanorm Booth, this is not classified as a Custom Build, so you won’t need to provide the additional information outlined by MCEC in their Operations Manual.

Stand Builds - Exhibit Systems

What is the standard shell scheme height?

The standard shell scheme height is 2440mm (+ 20 mm foot)

The width of the Shell Scheme is 3m x 3m.

Yes, you can. However, if it is structural MCEC will need to approve it. And for anything above 2.4m, the rear will need to be dressed in white to ensure that the elements are neat, overlooking other booths.

For any queries in relation to the Stand Builds or Booths generally, please email these to:

Yes, you have charcoal carpet to the booth and 1 x 4amp power supply as part of your shell scheme.

Floor Plan Sales

Will we be charged a late fee with Exhibit Systems if we buy Floor Space up until the last minute?

No, Exhibit Systems will not charge a late fee to any Exhibitor who comes on board late. Up until 1 week out from the Digital Health Festival.


Who do we order Power through for our Stands?

Power is ordered through Exhibit Systems. They have a Power Form. Any power should be ordered through the Exhibit Systems Portal Site for which each SPEX will be given a username and password by February 2024. Exhibit Systems usually charge labour/equipment/power boards for the connection to the exhibitor. 

The number of electrical sockets available in a standard booth is 1 x 4amp PowerPoint and 2 x track spotlights

If you require a 4-way plug outlet you can order via the MCEC website for  $31+gst

Yes, there is power to the concourse. This again needs to be booked through Exhibit Systems at

Gas & Electricity

Who supplies the Gas and Electricity to MCEC?

MCEC gas and electricity are provided by Red Energy.

Tagging & Testing Electrical Equipment

Does our electrical equipment need to be tested and tagged to be used at MCEC?

Yes, all SPEX electrical equipment used on-site at MCEC for the duration of DHF24 needs to be tested and tagged.

Digital Health Festival will provide an electrician for a period of 3 hours during the first afternoon of SPEX Bump-In. DHF will advise you two weeks before the Festival of the time, and you will need to provide your company name, booth number and the items that will need tagging.

Click here to access the Test & Tag Registration form.


Do we need to organise the Internet and WI-FI for our Stand?

If you require Wi-Fi for your stand, you can book this through MCEC Exhibitor Services by filling in the Internet Order Form and sending it to

MIMO Times

To be advised early February.