Our commitment to sustainability

We're thrilled to share our journey towards a more environmentally friendly festival.

Exhibitions and Festivals can be highly eco-unfriendly events contributing to ever-increasing environmental degradation. They are often associated with significant waste from single-use exhibits and stands, to massive amounts of packaging, paper and plastic waste mostly going into landfills.

At DHF, we want to be part of the change to push environmental responsibility within this
industry, and are working alongside our suppliers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees to create a transformative event experience, without the impact.

We recognise that there is still A LOT of room for improvement. These are the significant
steps we are taking on our journey to become a leave-no-trace festival.

Picking the right partners and materials

Sustainable business practices are high on the priority list when picking our suppliers.
Choosing Responsible Partners:

Food & Beverage

The food industry has an important role to play in pollution, emissions, and animal rights issues.
Our commitment at DHF:

Waste Management

Events create a lot of waste, and we are taking the following steps to minimise our impact.
Minimising Waste:


Melbourne has great public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure. We are pleased to share with attendees a list of transport options under the Travel & Accommodations tab of the DHF website.