DHF23 Agenda

Six stages of cutting-edge content, reshaping healthcare as we know it

Agenda at a glance

Across 300+ sessions, you’ll learn of the latest disruptive technologies reshaping healthcare as we know it. Hear practical case studies from healthcare providers, glimpse into the future, and gameplan against the major roadblocks preventing innovation.

The Main Stage

See the future of healthcare.

Drawing inspiration from all other stages, you’ll see the big health issues under bright lights. We tackle the hot issues of Cybersecurity in healthcare and the handling of sensitive Health Data. Get the latest on Interoperability, Medical Records, and healthcare in the Cloud.

Think meta! Explore the new frontier of Blockchain, Brain chips, and healthcare in the Metaverse.


The Sci-Fi Stage

The future of health is exciting.

Healthcare is radically changing. Glimpse into the world of Precision Medicine, and Artificial Intelligence, and learn of the coming advancements in Cybersecurity. Together, let’s launch into the Brave New World, and achieve truly Patient Centred Care.

The Virtual Stage

Next gen virtual care is here!

Virtual care presents a massive opportunity to bring care closer to home and improve access and convenience for patients. Hear how Australia’s leading health providers are providing Hospital at Home services; understand how Telehealth is complementing in-person care; find out how technology benefits Rural & Remote Health; and learn the applications of Remote Patient Monitoring inside and outside the clinical setting.

Telstra Health

The Transformers Stage

Find the blocks to build your next big idea

A new idea is just the start, but how do you build, run, and manage a great healthcare company?

Understand the technologies that can transform your Digital Practice; draft the A-team; retain and develop a digitally empowered Workforce; and meet the challenges of health management.

Are you a budding healthtech Entrepreneur? See what VCs are looking for, learn how to raise capital, and hear from those who have trodden the entrepreneurial path.

The Care Tech Stage

Technology to the rescue!

Technology is coming to the rescue of a stretched health & aged care system. Rising consumer expectations are being met with new developments in assistive technology, robotics, VR, and much more. Discover how Aged Care, Disability & NDIS can benefit. Learn how Big Pharma, and Digital Pharmacy are transforming drug discovery, delivery and health retail.


The Oasis Stage

Healthcare for the body and mind.
Dive into the latest innovation nourishing body and mind. See the Mental Health solutions of tomorrow; explore Workplace Wellness like never before; survey the evolving Women’s Health tech scene; and together, let’s turn health truly Preventative.